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Whether you're displaying bread, favors, utensils, and more with our Baskets. Our diverse collection features a variety of materials and silhouettes so you can pick the perfect Basket for any occasion.

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Miscellaneous Tabletop

Searching for a Sauce Boat, Cruet, Mint Dish, and more? Find those important extras in our Miscellaneous Tabletop collection.

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Napkin Rings

Tie your place settings together with our Napkin Rings. While they may be a small detail, each Napkin Ring in our diverse collection has a unique personal that adds detail and dimension that elevates the overall look.

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Number Stands

Ensure that guests can easily find their seats with our Number Stands. Our collection features a variety of Stand styles in addition to pre-printed Table Number cards for a quick, efficient setup.

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Salt and Pepper

For the guests that like to customize their seasoning, Salt and Pepper sets are a must-have addition to their table setting. Our pre-filled shakers come in a variety of styles to fit any design or aesthetic.

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