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Service Equipment

Event Services

We've got all your miscellaneous event needs covered. From setting up a coat check to providing a podium for your distinguished guests, you'll find a variety of products to help your event run smoothly.

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Sanitation and Garbage

Keep your event space clean with our Sanitation and Garbage selection. From cleaning up spills to collecting recycling, choose from our collection to help your event space stay tidy.

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Handtrucks and Dollies

Easily and efficiently move and transport items throughout your event space with our selection of Handtrucks and Dollies.

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Pails and Tubs

Store ice, transport used dishes, empty glasses and more with our selection of Pails and Tubs. These versatile pieces can be used in both front-of-house and back-of-house settings.

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Sale Items

Browse our selection of odds-and-ends that help complete your event service, from protective tarps to Escort Umbrellas in the event of a rainy day.

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