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Buffet Cooking and Chafing Dishes

Copper and Wrought Iron

Bring a sense of warmth in both design and function to your buffets, food stations, and more with our Copper serving collection. Cook, warm, or showcase your dishes in a variety of pieces with an antique-inspired aesthetic.

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Is there anything more classic than a buffet set in Silver? Our Silverplate collection adds an element of traditional elegance to any buffet or food station while keeping your dishes at the perfect serving temperature.

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Stainless and Chrome

Sleek, modern, versatile: choose from a variety of Stainless and Chrome pieces from Pots to Chafing Dishes to serve your menu in style. The collection's contemporary finish adds shine and design to any station or buffet.

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Chafing Dish Liners

Prepare, store, and serve delectable dishes in our Chafing Dish Liners. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, our Chafing Dish Liners are event must-haves, pairing perfectly with our diverse selection of Chafing Dishes.

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Food Warming

Turn up the heat both in the event kitchen and at the buffet with our Food Warming products. Designed to help keep your dishes at the optimal serving temperature, these pieces are perfect for carving stations, action stations, and more.

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