A Closer Look at Our Beer Glass Collection

There are more unique and flavorful beers on the market now than ever before, thanks to the flourishing craft beer movement and the rise of local breweries. Over the last several years, beer has become more widely appreciated for its nuanced flavors, aromas, and production techniques, in much the same way wine has, leading to unique beer tasting experiences and thoughtful food-beer pairings. As the community of beer enthusiasts grows, these new brews are steadily finding their way into a variety of event experiences.

Spotting the growing craft beer trend, we expanded our Beer Glass collection by adding beer glasses for rent that offer unique style and function to help enhance the beer experience both behind the bar and throughout the event.

All of our Beer Glasses
Beer Mug for rent

Beer Mug 12.5 oz.

Pairs well with: Stouts, Porters

Raising a glass in celebration? Our Beer Mugs are the quintessential choice for ending an enthusiastic toast with a friendly clink. Beyond the “clink,” the size of our Beer Mugs lends itself perfectly to beers with big flavor.

Rent the Beer Mug
Beer Pint Glass for rent

Beer Pint Glass 16 oz.

Pairs well with: American Lagers, Low ABV Beers

Looking for a versatile glass that pairs with classic brews? Our 16-ounce Beer Pint Glass is a popular choice for serving guests a generous pour of a variety of beer types. The glass has a slight flare to its cylindrical shape, a familiar silhouette that’s as American as apple pie.

Rent the Beer Pint Glass
Belgian Beer Glass for rent

Belgian Beer Glass 16 oz.

Pairs well with: Belgian Abbey-style beers, Barrel-aged beers, Fruited beers, High ABV beers

Sometimes referred to as a “tulip glass,” our Belgian Beer Glass is a stemmed beer glass with a large, round bowl and tapered opening. It shares a similar silhouette with the brandy snifter, which allows strong aromatics of more bold beers to flourish in our Belgian glass.

Rent the Belgian Beer Glass
Cerveza Pilsner Glass for rent

Cerveza Pilsner Glass 11oz.

Pairs well with: Pilsners, Kolsch, Munich Helles, and Vienna Lagers

Temperature matters for many craft beers, and for those whose flavors come alive at a lower temperature, glasses with smaller capacity, like our Cerveza Pilsner, often suit them best.

Rent the Cerveza Pilsner Glass
Classic Pilsner Glass for rent

Classic Pilsner Glass 12 oz.

Pairs well with: Pilsners, Sour Beers

While our Classic Pilsner is most well known for serving its namesake beer — the Pilsner — its concave silhouette and flared rim lend itself to another type of beer: sour beers. This beer glass also offers guests a clear view of the rising bubbles after an expert pour, making the presentation as much a feast for the eyes as for the taste buds.

Rent the Classic Pilsner Glass
Nonic Pub Glass for rent

Nonic Pub Glass 20 oz.

Pairs well with: Stouts, Porters, Ales, Ambers, and Moderate to Low ABV beers

The characteristic bulb at the top of our Nonic Pub Glass helps the glasses separate more easily when stacked. The shape also lends itself to flavor while its larger size complements beers that serve well at a warmer temperature.

Rent the Nonic Pub Glass
Revival Beer Glass for rent

Revival Beer Glass 16 oz.

Pairs well with: IPAs

With one of the most unique silhouettes in our collection, our Revival Beer Glass features a smaller base that tapers into the base of a large, convex bowl topped with a wide, flared rim that’s perfect for serving a rising star in the craft beer world: IPAs.

Rent the Revival Beer Glass
Beer Tasting Mug for rent

Beer Tasting Mug 3.5 oz.

Pairs well with: Any beer, and smaller servings of high ABV beers

Whether you’re offering tasting sessions, beer flights, food-beer pairings, or fun beer-centric hors d’oeuvres, our Beer Tasting Mugs are the perfect pick for bringing your service to life. These mini mugs are also great for people who just want a nip of a high ABV beer.

Rent the Beer Tasting Mug