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A Special Invitation

We Invite You to Join Party Rental Ltd.’s Beta Test!

Website updates are in the works at Party Rental Ltd. including an exciting new shopping cart feature. We’d like to invite you to be part of our website’s Beta phase and give you the opportunity to start placing your orders online and sharing feedback about your experience.

We want to hear it all! Your feedback could shape the future of our website!

We are using a tool called UserSnap to help you take screenshots and share feedback about your experience in real time. Don’t be shy! This will allow you the exclusive opportunity to make an impact in the final website launch, its features and functionality.

Beta site order restrictions:

  • Limited event search
  • Order is for 48 hours or later from time it is entered
  • No multi-part orders
  • No custom linen
  • No interested third party
  • No FedEx delivery option
  • No courtesy call
  • No substitutions/upgrades
  • No account (company) maintenance
  • No dance floor calculator

All orders submitted must be for an event at least 48 hours out.
All orders placed on our Beta site are real and will be processed as an actual order.

Place an Online Order

For more information on our Beta testing please see our webinar here
And don’t worry, you can still place orders by email or phone as well!